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BlueFlame 6-Port USB Wall Charger Hub

Keep all your devices fully charged in no time and keep your desk area tidy with the BlueFlame 6 Port USB Wall Charger. This hub mounts effortlessly to the wall, allowing you to save precious desk space and charge up to 6 smartphones, tablets and more.
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Why Buy?

  • 6 USB ports from one single UK mains socket
  • Simultaneously charge up to 6 devices
  • Powerful USB charging ports
  • Smart IC for Intelligent Charging
  • Perfect for travel too

6 USB ports from one single UK mains socket

Usually, to charge 6 devices at the same time you may have needed 6 mains sockets. This is not always practical and is certainly not tidy, however this is not a concern for the BlueFlame wall hub. With just a single mains socket, you can create 6 USB charging ports for your devices. You can even charge as many as 5 power-hungry tablets and charge a smartphone simultaneously. All options are open to you.

BlueFlame 6-Port USB Wall Charger Hub

Simultaneously charge up to 6 devices

With an impressive 10.2 Amps total power output, you can simultaneously charge all of your USB powered devices fully from a single UK mains charging socket. With 6 USB charging ports available, your whole family can charge their devices at the same time - ending the squabbles and fully charging your cherished devices.

BlueFlame 6-Port USB Wall Charger Hub

Powerful USB charging ports

Offering up to an impressive 2.4 Amps output per USB port, the BlueFlame 6 Port USB Charging Hub allows for fast charging speeds, to make sure you're always ready-to-go without delay. Suitable for even the most power hungry smartphones, tablets and other USB powered devices - this handy USB hub will ensure that once you are ready to go out, your devices are ready to go with you.

Smart IC for Intelligent Charging

The BlueFlame hub features ports that are powered by Smart IC (Intelligent Charging), technology that automatically identifies devices to maximise charging speed. This ensures your device receives the correct amount of charge it is capable of and also allows multiple devices to be connected safely to the 6 port USB charger.

BlueFlame 6-Port USB Wall Charger Hub

Perfect for travel too

With an input voltage of 100-240V, you can take your USB mains charger with you on your travels around the world and ensure your phone is ready to take holiday snaps and your tablet ready to view them. Just remember this comes with a UK plug, so take an adapter with you if travelling to countries that do not support that socket type. The hub itself is small, lightweight and compact, so perfectly portable.


Technical specifications:

  • Power: 10.2A
  • USB Ports: 6x Smart IC ports

Key Details

Part No BF3055W-UK
UPC 0607266017102
Colour Blue, White

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