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Duracell In-Car Mains & USB Charger - Black

Charge USB and AC mains devices in your car with Duracell's ingenious DC to AC in-car power inverter. This sleek, lightweight adapter offers fast charging for virtually any device through its dual 2.4A USB ports and twin AC mains sockets.
  • Mobile Fun ID 61959
  • Brand Duracell
  • Duracell

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Why Buy?

  • Charge or power virtually any device
  • Twin AC sockets
  • Dual 2.4A USB ports
  • Quiet fan for efficient, stress-free cooling
  • 1m power cord
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • 3-year warranty for ultimate protection

Charge or power virtually any device

Charging smartphones and tablets in your car is all well and good, but what about those more demanding devices, like DVD players or laptops, that require mains power? Enter the Duracell Dual AC In-Car Power Inverter. Simply plug this little marvel into your car's lighter slot and hey presto - two USB ports and two AC sockets await for charging almost any device you can imagine.

Duracell In-Car Mains & USB Charger - Black

Twin AC sockets

There are lots of devices you need with you on holiday or on a business trip that are awkward and difficult to charge in the car. Not any more, though. Duracell's In-Car Power Inverter offers two AC sockets with a whopping 175W of shared power, so you can keep your laptop powered to write that important report, or keep the kids happy with a DVD player that will never die.

Duracell In-Car Mains & USB Charger - Black

Dual 2.4A USB ports

It's not just AC power the Duracell In-Car Power Inverter offers. Two standard USB ports are also built in to the unit, each with an impressive 2.4A output. This is more than enough to quickly charge virtually any smartphone, and can also provide a huge power injection to tablets and other USB-powered devices.

Duracell In-Car Mains & USB Charger - Black

Quiet fan for efficient, stress-free cooling

You don't need to worry about your precious devices or this power inverter overheating. An integrated fan keeps everything ticking along quietly, cooling the unit as it heats up and ensuring your smartphones, tablets, laptops or whatever else you need to power will be totally safe.

Duracell In-Car Mains & USB Charger - Black

1m power cord

A 1 metre power cord means that you can place this inverter wherever is most convenient for you, depending on your vehicle and where you need the unit to be. Whether you need power in the backseat for a games console or in the driver's seat for your phone or tablet, this versatile inverter does the trick.

Compact, lightweight design

Weighing in at just 260g, there's no chance of this inverter taking up too much space in your car. What's more, the lightweight construction and superior build make the unit ideal for taking with you on holiday, on business trips or just on the school run.

Duracell In-Car Mains & USB Charger - Black

3-year warranty for ultimate protection

In the incredibly unlikely event that a fault does develop with your Duracell Power Inverter, don't worry - you're covered. Duracell are so confident your adapter won't develop any problems that each inverter is covered by a three-year warranty. If any damage occurs to the Power Inverter during standard usage, a repair or replacement is absolutely no problem.

Please note: the Duracell In-Car Power Inverter supports 12V only. 24V DC input is not supported. If you have a larger vehicle such as a truck or minibus, it may have a 24V system. Please check before purchase.


Technical specifications

Role of product in providing mains power: Power inverter , Converts a DC supply to mains voltage
Input voltage/Power source: DC , Low voltage DC input
Voltage: 12 V
Weight: 333 g
Dimensions: 220mm x 84mm x 51mm
Charger Power Source: In-Car power socket


Key Details

Part No DRINV15-UK
UPC 5055190175491
Colour Black

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