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Love Mei Powerful Huawei P20 Protective Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Huawei P20 with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible damage from water and dust, this is the black Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 67285
 3.7 stars from 7 customers

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5 star
This thing does its job very well. It's like armour plated. I don't see my phone being Damaged in any way in this case. Only gripe is its Heavy due to being constructed from aluminium, but if you want a case that is going to protect your phone no matter what this is it. Puts my mates lifeproof S9 case to shame.
Too big
This case is massive, clumsy and not easy to carry around. I know the phone itself isn't small but this is too big and is heavy too.
I got fed up and sacked it off for a less conspicuous cover.
Not tough enough!
At first look this case looked tough. Steel and rubber surround screwed together with protective screen. On the first drop, the steel front dented significantly. After a few weeks of use, the front plastic screen protector cracked and split in half. Would have been better designed using only silicone or soft rubber surround. Plastic front not very strong.

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