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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Clear View Standing Cover Case - Gold Reviews

This Official Samsung Clear View Cover in gold is the perfect way to keep your Galaxy Note 8 smartphone protected whilst keeping yourself updated with your notifications thanks to the clear view front cover.
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 4.8 stars from 57 customers

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Does what it says on the tin
Good case overall. Firm hold and works well as a stand. In normal use the flap didn't get in the way. The only issue is with car holders as while the flap won't stop it being held it does make the back just too thick to wireless charge if it's a wireless charge car holder. Normal wireless charge does work through the back though.
I am glad this website sells Genuine Samsung Cases, happy to have purchased here and will recommend.
Brilliant product especially on sale price
Lovely case, but ...
I am a little concerned that the front cover may open if dropped. There is a slight magnetic force to keep the cover closed, however, is it strong enough to keep the cover closed when dropped?

Great to be able to answer a call without having to open the case.
Very slick case
If you are looking for flip case, look no further.
elegant cover which can protect your note8
A prefect case for a perfect phone
Brilliant case works seamlessly with my note 8. perfect fit and looks great!
Fantastic phone case
Lovely case. The phone fits into it easily. Looks amazing. Arrived very quickly and fits through the letter box. No worries about missing the post!
Fantastic phone case
Fits into the case very easily. Looks very posh. Love it
This is a wonderful case that compliments my Note 8! Very glad I bought it.
I previously had an after market magnetic flip case for my Note 8 and it disrupted the workings related to the S-pen. This Samsung case is really lovely to hold and since it is the Samsung brand, I have no problems with the S-pen now. It looks great and it is very handy that you can answer calls without opening the cover. I highly recommend this case if you want a good quality case for your lovely Note 8 phone!
Awesome Cover
This Cover is all it is advertised and more.
I love the gel coating on the inside that seems to add extra protection to the screen. The clear Cover allows you to read the display clearly.
It has a luxurious feel to it.
Did not realise it could be folded into a stand, that was a pleasant surprise.
Having looked at hundreds of covers for the wifes Note 8 mobile phone she chose this one, best decision ever, both the gold phone and gold cover complimented each other perfectly, although a little more expensive than all other covers this was the one that the wife loved. Money well spent
Great Case
Works, protects, looks great
Really impressed with the cover looks fab
Really great cover everyone comments on how cool it looks would recommend. X
Late delivery but Samsung case is good
It took about 20 days to deliver to case from UK to Hong Kong. Very upset. But case is very good. No doubt about it
Late delivery but Samsung case is good
It took about 20 days to deliver to case from UK to Hong Kong. Very upset. But case is very good. No doubt about it
Looks expensive and protects your phone very good
Fantastic case. There is no LED in the case . The image of the time is from the phone its self that uses always on display.
This is a great case suitable for the Samsung phone
It's similar to what I used on my previous phone. Genuine Samsung's. Durable, strong and functional
I love this case
Its nice.
Its good
Thank you !
A nice experience . I would recommend you to all my friends .
Great looking cover good protection
This cover looks great and offers relatively good protection. The cover allows you to view the date and time when closed.
A magnet helps you avoid opening it inadvertently. A

Access to the fingerprint sensor is somewhat awkward since you need to have the cover open while holding the phone with your right hand and putting your finger on the sensor.
Great protection
I bought this to case mainly use when working as it has great protection but I have also used it when out and about several times as the stand option is very useful.
The BEST Note 8 Case
This is a brilliant case it looks really cool doesn"t add much to the thickness ofthe phone and provides excellent screen and phone protection. It also provides a great stand so you can watch video etc. The best bit is the clear glass with the time date display. You can also answer the phone without the need to open the cover. The cover also acts as a mirror. Excellent design the best cover and protection for the note 8
Brilliant piece of Kit
Particularly like the way closing the cover switches off the phone but displays a large 24 hour clock, the date and other useful indicators on the front. The only possible improvement I could suggest is fitting a credit/debit card holder in there somewhere, then it would be perfect.
Great Product
I would have to say I just love this phone cover case,w hat you see is what you get. I like that you can see who is calling you through case, and even took to them while it is close and it allows for privacy if someone is around, the can't see who is calling you. I have had some many complements on this phone case I am thinking about getting another one in another color.
I wish I had known that ordering this product from Canada would take months to ship, however after contacting customer service they took care of me very quickly. The product is great very smart to use and quite stylish.
I have fitted the phone and it is a worderful case
The case for my Note8 phone arrived at 10.20 this morning. I have fitted the phone and it is a worderful case.Use it is good protection in my pocket and it fits in my belt pouch. Thanks for the service. Malcolm
Nice idea but doesn't live up to name
Fits lovely and looks great. Thought it was perfect for what I wanted. Am retired so phone mainly in house but has so many scratches on the front cover after only a couple of weeks it has really spoilt the look.
Great case
The case is great as you can see through the front cover which is useful and it folds back when you want the phone to be free-standing
Love it
Only con bit difficult to hold when taking photos.

Everything else perfect.
Just what it says on the tin Excellent.
Fits perfect makes the phone look amazing with an added bit the Mirror Superb.
Good cover - though pricey!
It wasn't the first cover I purchased for the phone - expensive, premium feel, though may not be great for protection if tested. Clock visibility is a nice touch, as is the usual call answering swipe.
Great product
Great case best one I had so far. Also the price for this case. A bit slow on the shipping.
Good quality. Fast Delivery. Strongly recommend
LOVE this case
It does scratch easy. But I love it's funtions!
This Cover Fits So Perfectly:-)
The Existential Satisfaction of Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things.
Fantasic case for the Note 8
I feel that this is the best case that you could purchase for the Note 8, not sure how well it would tsnd up to a drop of any mkind, but it sure does look the part.
my wife absolutely loves it. has had many compliments on it. cool functionality. can not go wrong. wish I could use one but I need a clip for galaxy 8plus
An excellent addition
I already had similar covers for S6, S7 and S8+ phones and have found them to be perfect for those phones.

The cover for the Note 8, like that for the S8+, also folds out to provide an upstand for the phone, which is very useful, on occasion. Being designed specifically for the phone by Samsung, the cover is both robust, good-looking and uniquely suited to the job, being perfect in every respect .... save one. Using the camera can initially be a little fiddly, as the top cover flaps out to one side. However, the knack to handling this is quickly learned, and it's plain sailing after that.

In summary, this cover is virtually perfect and, I'd have to say, well worth the relatively high price for protecting your expensive new asset.
Useful and good protection.
Collects fingerprints a little too easily on the front, it isn't too clear how to determine what shows up on the front, but overall a nice addition to the Note 8.

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