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Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Alcantara Cover Case - Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with this Official Alcantara case in red. Stylish and protective, this case is the perfect accessory for your Galaxy S9 Plus.

RRP HKD360.49 - you save 84%

 4.8 stars from 16 customers

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Take you own risk
I didnt recieved what ordered and it's been more than a month already. When I try to track it from the website it said it's a no track item. What can I say. They said its delivered but didn't recieved it. How am I suppose to know if it's really delivered or it got stolen from my doorstep?
A* Great case at a great price
It's really red!!!! The kids hate it but its pretty grippy and softish. Not sure if it's the last word in shock resistance but good so far.

JUST to say - I paid close to a fiver..... i.e. 95% discount. Not sure i'd have paid £50
Great buy!
Fantastic price, quality case, very happy with purchase
Great case with a unique texture
Excellent fit and good buttons, overall great case for the price, perfect if you're tired of silicon and plastic.
Awesome awesome case
This case is sleek and sexy for the S9+. It is also cheap now since the S9+ is over a year old. It's the material that is on the dashboards of Tesla model S cars and Mercedes S class. Very top notch.
Great product!
The Alcantara case feels great in the hand. I am really happy with this purchase!
Basically i would have loved to know the level of grip it offers, which is a step down from the samsung Silicone cover case, which was so grippy i could hold it with two fingers. The downside of that was that it was thicker and it was pulling stuff out of my pockets so that was annoying. Also, the alcantara looks incredible.
Samsung Quality
This Official Samsung case is excellent sturdy quality , very pleased and easy enough to put on .
Cool To The Touch
Bought this for the previous S8+, offers a very nice grip and feel in the hand, and non slippery on most surfaces. However, in my experience it does impair wireless charging.
It looks great and feels great in the hand. Super grippy without being sticky. It permits wireless charging to pass right through, so desktop charging is easy with no need to remove the cover, But, if like me you have a screen mounted in-car holder (mine's a Samsung combined holder/wireless charger), with this cover on the battery gets quite hot if you're running a SatNav product like Waze or Google Maps and charging stops. It's not an issue usually as the battery capacity in the S9+ is vast anyway. But, you sometimes don't get the full charge you expected.
Very elegant case
This case is very luxury and security my phone.
One word -SMOOTH
Fits like a second skin to phone. Comfortable in the hand. The Alcantara was an indulgence but feels right, no slippy grip and warm to touch.

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