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Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus LED Flip Wallet Cover Case - Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus' screen from harm and keep up to date with your notifications through the intuitive LED display with the official blue LED cover from Samsung.

RRP HKD480.99 - you save 42%

 4.6 stars from 75 customers

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Exactly as described
Was a bit concerned as opted for the free shipping and the case had not arrived within the expected delievery time. However, case arrived just outside the expected time frame and is exactly as described. Great product and cheapeast price i could find
Best case for Samsung Galaxy S9+
I really like this case. The graphics led display.
Very good case as always
It is all explained when you buy it
Top case great features
All information as described
Sensation Mobile Phone WAllet
This is the most sensation phone wallet cover, I get such pleasure when I use my phone.
The LED that lights up to show me individual callers that I have programmed in is amazing technology.
The cover looks good, feels good and is good.
Great case
Really nice case gives my S9+ a very premium feel
Excellent n orignal product
Wanted a orignal Samsung product. On receiving found the exact product.
Absolutely love this phone case, so convenient.
OK up to a point
The Bad - The case doesn't click shut or isn't magnetic so there is always a chance if you drop it the front cover could flip open. Also with it being a flip case it's quite awkward to take photos because you cant (obviously) fold the cover all the way back. The colours (I've had Blue and Grey) are somehow muted, looking like a material/cloth cover rather than deep vibrant colours.

The Good - The LED Display is very handy in that you can customise your own LED notifications even down to individuals in your contact list so you know who is phoning without having to open the case. It's an official Samsung Case so the fit is exact and the build quality is OK
Fun interactive case
This case really is part of my phone, displaying information on the case itself. It's fun to create custom icons for contacts. The cover adds some protection for the screen and the home screen appears when the cover is opened, no button pushes. I've broken screens on two other phones, both with flip cases, so the screen protection isn't absolute. I'm being careful with this one.
Very good
Bought the case due to purchasing a more inferior product from a different site lasted 2 weeks then replaced and then is now unusable after 3 months have learnt lesson will not purchase cheaper versions again
Cool cover for Galaxy 9+
Great cover with programable LED for contacts and notifications. Light is white and can't change.
Smart Cover
I am pleased with my cover, it is slim and has a good feel. My only issue with it is that it sometimes opens in my briefcase (there being no clasp or magnet and when the case is open, it is fiddly to use the fingerprint recognition facility on the back of the phone.
Only arrived yesterday
Took a long time 2 come like a month! Haven't had a chance 2 they it yet
Excellent sturdy case.
A great product
Very good quality
Delivery time
Its lovely cover, but still really expensive.
I order the case coz I needed one for my phone . But I have order before and was not happy with the services I was send the wrong item and when I for money back never got that and they said they will sort it out. Paid lot of money.
There wasn't anything, as everything was explained so clearly on the website. Great service. I received the package with in a few days. I would definitely refer you and use you again.
Great phone cover
Phone cover is very clever.... without opening it you can answer your phone when someone calls.... have your callers name also appear so you know who calls you. Only downfall is its a shame you can't fit certain names in space provided.
Great case
Really like this casr
LED FLIP CASE for Samsung S9 plus
I am very pleased with this case, It does what it says and is a perfect fit for the S9 +. It is too expensive for what appears at first to be a thin cheap looking vinyl mobile phone case, it’s only when you use it for a while that you begin to realise its value as no guides came with the case.
Great case but very expensive
Very clever, stylish and practical.
Great flick cover looking great with my phone. I'm really recommended.
Great produc, fit perfectly I recommend it !!
Work very well.
Perfect fit and great looks
Easy to use
Brilliant Case
Genuine Samsung S9+ case which fits the phone suberbly. A nice touch are the inclusion of colours on the LED display. Had one of these for my S7 Edge and lasted a long time. First class service from Mobile Fun as always.
Works great no complaints
Nothing different
Its worth every penny.Very good product. Impressed with the wallet cover
Great Service
Item arrived punctually and was as described - spot on.
The info with the case is enough to know,I have been purchasing goods from Mobile fun for quite some time.And found what i have ordered to be bang on.
Novell features
Great product.
I love it
It is just what I wanted. Charges ok on my wireless charger too which my old one didn't. Much better than the cheaper versions. The spine is robust and not too wobbly! Quick delivery.
Samsung galaxy cover
Very good cover but took over 3 weeks to arrive despite the website claiming to offer fast delivery. The cover wasn't even dispatched until a week after I ordered it and then took a further two weeks to arrive
It is really something new which ideally compliments the phone! Simple and easy to use. Very good quality and we'll worth the cost.
what, no stand?
yeah it's okay, does the job it is intended for. Could have incorporated a stand though, somehow,
Awesome Product
This case is exactly what it was advertised, I love the cover, the notifications, the feel of it and being able to throw a credit card in it on the fly is great. Just what I wanted.
Very good features
Looks very good and has a nice feel.
For the wife
Exactly what I ordered
Not impressed
I would like if the cover stayed closed. It opens very easily and if the phone falls it will not be protected as the cover will flip open. I now need to source another S9+ cover as this is not safe enough. Too expensive
This cover is brilliant thank you. It fits perfectly and protects the mobile all round the edge, back, and front, which also has a soft fabric inside the cover. The easily seen LED displayes through the fabric face of the cover. Great for getting the time and warnings with out opening the cover. The volume control + - is marked on the cases backbone so you know where to put you finger to increase or decrease the volume control. All in all a very nice protective case for a Samsung S9 or S9+.
Samsung s9+ cover
Before we start, let's get it right thus thing is GREY not black, GREY.
Cover fits good, led front lights work well and are a nifty gimmick. Can't be used seriously other than making the individual led lights for different callers. Names don't display only numbers. The cover feels good quality and holds phone snug but I am reserving judgement on the spine, not sure how long it will last, I could be over sceptical with this though as no signs after 1 month of wear and tear.
Great case
Love this case . Great fit and protects well. I would like to say a few words about customer service. The first case got lost in the mail so I contacted them and to their great credit they sent me another one and got it in 2 Days. thanks for the great service and case.
Very good case
Very pleased with the case. Handy LED works well so far. Only downside is when using a car screen mount phone has to be removed from the case. However would recommend this product
Fab Case
Great case, looks great, true color, the LED is cool, it's nice how it displays notifications via icons by LED which is a nice touch.. the delivery took a very long time, I almost gave up, thought it was lost.. It took 19 days to be delivered from UK to Canada.. But customer services were very good and reply promptly by email.
Really pleased with case. There was a bit of a rocky start with this order but through email it was sorted. Staff replied so quickly & very polite. Cant fault the help that i got to sort problem. Would order from them again
Great cover
The LED display is really great. However the case does not stay closed and with no protection for the screen - disappointing and expensive.
pleased with purchase
Just OK
If the LED display could be made always on, and the lid actually stayed shut (e.g. small magnets) this would be awesome. But when the LED is off unless you press a button it defeats the point (i.e. I could just open the case), and it doesn't provide any front screen protection as it flies open when dropped. Would not recommend.
Brilliant service, fast delivery and superb cover, worth every penny.
Brilliant service, fast delivery and superb cover, worth every penny.
A Good case for the S9+
This is a really good case for the new Galaxy S9+. It offers good protection both to the screen and the phone if dropped.
The time and message notification via the led's on the cover when closed is a useful feature.
There is room for one credit card inside the cover recess, It would have been nice if it could store at least two,
Love it
A little bit expensive for what it is but I really love it. I love the LED display and how you can give your contacts LED picture that flash on the cover when they call so you can see at a glance who is calling. Its a bit early to say if it is sturdy but at the moment its protecting my phone and I have no complaints. Would have given 5 starts if a bit cheaper.
Excellent colour. I love the LED!
Great cover
The S9 plus is such a great phone, which demands a great cover, this is it!!
Love this cover
Absolutely love this cover. Not only does it look good but you can have lots of different icons pop up for your notifications. So you know then an icons pops up who the notification is from. The display also shows the phone number that is ringing. Love playing with the different icons. A fun bit practical case.
Not cheap but very good
It's expensive for what ultimately is just a phone case, but
it's good quality, looks great and does everything it says it will. If money is not an issue then I'd definitely recommend this. No issue with the company, case came as promised.
Loving it!!!
I love this case. Outside of the fact that it has only one slot for credit cards or driver's license it is a great product. Even with only one slit I am still able to carry my health insurance card, driver's license and concealed carry license without it hindering closure of the case.
Love and hate relationship
I'm in love with the designe and possibility of choosing your own LED pictures for alarms or calls. I also love how well made it is . The only problem I have is you can not use pulse sensor, its hidden to deep. Also the front of the cover wont lay flat on it own.
Nice case. I gave 4 stars because of the price.
Amazing... Really love the way it makes my new phone look and feel. Love it.
However I would have like to known what kind of 'car phone holder' I would be able to purchase to suit my flip cover. I am now looking for a car phone holder but am Stuck with few options due to my cover.
Happy Customer
Love the cover with its LED display. Pucrchase didn’t take long to arrive.
Stylish, attractive and slim
Alas its a phone cover branded, organelles and very sleek, works out of the packet, very pleased.

The purchase cost is high, but the again so is the phone.... Lol
Love it!
Love this case, well smart!
An Excellent product..
Nothing ..
Nice product fits snuggly and protects phone.Have to see how it wears over time,
Good, fits well
The case fits well, quality is good and the led is nice but being Samsung it is overpriced.
I am really pleased with my case and i am chuffed with the LED its brilliant!! Money well spent!!!
Best for s9 plus
Cant fault it love the small pocket for card
Excellent Cover, does what say on the box and more
Another fantastic Phone Case from Samsung for the Samsung Galaxy S9+
I Love it. works really well, does everything it says as advertised, looks good, protects my phone. Definitely a good investment.
Good service
Item arrived as advised, works as described

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