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Olixar MeshTex Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Slim Case - Ocean Blue Reviews

A supremely precision engineered lightweight slimline case in ocean blue with a perforated mesh pattern that looks great, adds grip and aids heat dissipation from your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, as well as enhance the high performance beauty of the device.
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 2.4 stars from 27 customers

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Lasted 2 weeks
Corner around pen broke off then the opposite bottom corner cracked. The corners aren't moulded all round (unlike the top) this means the catch as you take you phone out of pocket
Worst case I've ever owned
I had initially bought the case and after taking it off the phone and putting it back again it cracked in all four corners. Blaming myself being a gorilla, went ahead and bought another one.
FFW 1 week later I dropped my phone on the desk from ~15cm and the new case simply shattered.

It's too bad that the color finish and feel are amazing, the material is more fragile than glass and at the first kink it just shatters.
Great quality
easily breaks
beautiful cover..unfortunately it breaks easily
Good looking but easily broken
Good looking and slim fit, but easily broken on top corners . My case has been broken in three days only put in and pull out a few times.
Brittle is the keyword
While this cover is slim and relatively nice looking, the flimsy button protectors broke off immediately on first use as they are essentially very thin pieces of low quality plastic connected to the rest of the cover only on one end. Even so I decided to use it since it was working ok without the button protectors. However, when I tried to take it off after 5 days of use to clean the phone, it cracked at the top right corner and I must now replace it. Olixar usually has great products but unfortunately this one is a fail.
Love this cover. One of the best
Wish I knew about the Olixar mesh case when I had the note 8. I'm liking the thin fit and the blue color. Great case.
Great product
Love the look and feel of this case. Very impressive
Very dissappointed, quality fails
The top left edge broke in a few days. A crack is seen on the top right edge also. The fit was good. But the cutout for charger is a bit tight, the official charger wouldn't go in fully. Occasionally popup message that the charger not connected properly appears.
Overall very disappointed.
Great Case!
Very slim case. Looks great! Build quality is ok.
Loved it but top chipped off
Loved it at first. Very light and thin as expected. Actually better than expected. But really disappointed that the top right soon started showing a crack and today a small piece chipped off. It never dropped or hit anywhere.
Terrible case cracked at the top after only 2 days,I do not recommend this case save your money, great service and support by mobilefun.
Cheap cheap cheap!
The case has only lasted a week, there were stress fractures in the corners of the case which eventually led to the case breaking.
Not worth the money
Looks great, but too brittle
Only lasted a few days.
Not sure how it got cracked as I'm VERY careful with my phone.

Great product
Excellent quality
Broke within one week of normal use.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Joe

Sorry to hear that, can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Nice minimalistic case
Applies easily and looks very nice.
Buttons work well and outlets and pen accessible but realistically has little protection for the phone.
The red metallic finish is starting to wear off the button covers revealing white underneath at 3 weeks of use.
Note 9 case
Very fast and efficient service. Nice to have the product within a few days of ordering. Unfortunately the case has cracked in both corners at the top of the phone, I know it wasn't the most expensive of cases but it has definitely not been dropped or anything. Seems to tight of a squeeze getting the phone in the case. Shame.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Antony

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this case. Can you contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you?
Not that good
Not great remote fell from sofa on to phone that was face down and even with the case on the back is now all smashed
Looks could kill
This case really looks good on the phone and colour matches perfectly, but that is all . NOT much impact protection.Dropped on soft wooden surface from knee height ( about 2ft) with phone .The case sustained two hairline fractures, one on each side of case .Literally how far before it stop protecting the phone.
Avoid if you can
I purchased this for my Note 9 and it has scratched the edges of my phone. The edges of the case sharp so when you put your place your phone in its a bit of a struggle however it was an even bigger struggle taking it out. I have had the S7, Note 8, S9 plus previously and have always used Spigen and Ringke cases however felt that these were not really protecting the phone as much. I think its probably a better option to stick with the official Samsung cases, although they may be pricey but your guaranteed that they will be made of a high quality. Afterall your protecting a £900 phone
Compact Case, nice fit, not great protection
This case is a compact fit and feels nice. Works well with a tempered glass screen protector. Ideal for light use, but to be honest i really don't think it will offer much protection if the phone is dropped. My advice would be to go for the Spigen Tough Armour case. Considering the Spigen is only £5 dearer it's worth the extra. Your Galaxy Note 9 costs £900 so it's a small price to pay.
wrong colour for a start
this just came and its not that blue its a dark greeny blue nothing like in the picture, its very plasticy i thought it would be more rubbery and flexible, the top of it fits well but the bottom doesnt line up properly, almost cant get the s pen out because of it which means the lip doesnt go past the screen height which is a problem at the bottom, it is thin which feels good in the hand but thats it, i will be sending this back.
Very happy.
Very happy with this item, fits perfectly & looks great.

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