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Whitestone Dome Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Glass Screen Protector Reviews

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy Note 10 Plus uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity
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 4.5 stars from 33 customers

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Screen Cracked and chipped
My screen has cracked and chipped from just being in my handbag. I am disappointed that this has happened so easily but at least its not the phone screen that has gotten damaged. I have read that this is guaranteed and can be replaced if proof of damage is provided but no idea how to do this.
Better than all the other screen protectors. Don't buy the others just spend more and buy this one.
It's OK. very pricey.
Does not work very well on the finger print scanner on note 10 plus
Have to push very hard on the screen to get it to work. But otherwise it work really well.
Best screen protector for curved screen!
Shipping was good, the product was awesome but my only problem is with Mobile fun's video of compatible case which I watched before purchasing to be sure the case I have would work with this screen protector. Sure enough it was listed in the video (Unicorn Beetle pro). So I purchased this very expensive screen protector and followed directions very closely and got a perfect install and then waited 24hrs before putting case back on. Within a couple minutes it popped the corners of the glass up, ruining the install. Now I have a very expensive, useless piece of glass. If I had of known I would have purchased a new, compatible case.
I bought a standard stick on screen protector originally, a waste of time and I would not recommend using a cheap one for the note 10 Plus.

Although expensive the Whitestone screen protector is excellent. Make sure you watch the video. I did a dummy run before applying it and took my time. Once I completed the installation all I can say is wow and excellent. Well worth the investment and highly recommended.

Don't go for the cheap ones as they make the phone look poor and they collect dust.
Fingerprint functionality reduced dramatically but great screen protector
Easy process to install the glass ???? .

Pros: easy installation , thin glass fits perfect around the screen and strong glass screen.

Cons: only one downfall of this glass is the fact that when using your fingerprint , most of the time your fingerprint isn't recognized and you have to press the screen on the fingerprint section a few times to really scan your finger properly. Super annoying at time.

I wish it worked smoothly as it was before I installed the glass screen. Trying to unlock your phone after 5 attempts on the fingerprint is not feasible.

Moving from one plus to Samsung , you can already feel the slowness of the fingerprint but adding this temper glass just makes you not want to have the tempered glass on it.

Conclusion: For screen protection yes I highly recommend it but for using fingerprint I kind of don't recommend.

Best Screen Protector
This is the perfect screen protector for me because I am a perfectionist. I want a perfect screen with no bubbles, so if you really take your time and don't rush the results are phenomenal.
I've tried various screen protectors this by far feels the best and looks the best, fitting the screen protector is easy as long as you dont rush it
Great protector as always
I used one of these protectors on my S9 Plus and it protected the screen very well.
They are not the cheapest option for a screen protector but, I believe, they are one of the best.
Yes they are fiddly to install but, if you follow the instructions rigidly and wathch the install video it's not that bad.
They do not affect the functionality of the screen and it's very difficult to see that there is a screen protector intalled.
I really like these screen protectors!
A bit bitter price for the function itself but overall excellent
Great service
Fantastic service! Product as described and delivery was very quick! Will most certainly use MobileFun again for any Note10 + accessories.
Very good but mine broke in 4 days :/
Fast shipping, Good protection, work with fingerprint, fit with case. I can t ask for more.
Fingerprint won't work
Good product as always...but the fingerprint is not working whatsoever...wasted 60 quid....now have to use different option just because buying this!

Don't buy if you want to use fingerprint feature!
Will buy again
His is a great to have on your phone will be buying it for all my future mobiles.
Looks and feels great.
I for one have had Whitestone Dome Glass on two devices and both are great!

Its everything the box said it is. From the sensitivity you get too the professional like fit. I love it and will most likely make use of it over and over.

However there is one thing that is a con, I have a slight shadow, in the likes of a quarter moon edge where the liquid glue dropped down on the screen. Its faint and only visible on white backgrounds or in the sun when the screen is off. Anyone else got this? I'm using Note 10.

Either way I take my hat off to Whitestone that has come up with this genius design of a screen protector.
Best quality screen protection that I have used
Very clear well written instructions and video. Looks great on phone thus far and works well with the Ghostek Atomic 3 Slim case that I have.
Very happy with product but a little on the expensive side.
Does the job
Pricey but when you think what the kit comes with its understandable, plus when spending over 1k on a phone what another £45.

Only thing I have a problem with, is the included plastic guide that tells you where the bubble of liquid has to be. For some reason this has left an outline of the guide on my screen, you can clearly see lines. I think it's because its very heavy.

I would advise not using the guide, use the include sticky things to mark where the bubble has to be.
Expensive and fiddly. But definitely worth it. Please note that there were some extra items that were not needed. Please watch few videos before committing to buyinh
Trust this product, it looks good on the phone, no diminished screen experience, excellent protection.
I would recommend this product with certainty, please read and watch the installation method carefully before you start.
Good stuff????
Great product
Struggled to get consistent finger print scans.
Otherwise does a great job, installation is easy enough. Just make sure the screen is properly clean. I got a hair stuck under mine lol
Came as expected - customs were not.
This product came and worked as expected. Ended up paying an additional 25$ to finally receive this product in Canada - customs and brokerage fees. A more predominate heads up during the ordering peocess would have been appreciated.
Samsung note 10 plus 5g
Best screen protector by far. I've tried many screen protectors before but didn't like it.
Spigen Case compatible
I am using "spigen ultra hybrid s" case, is it compatible ?
Good but my fingerprint scanner doesn't work all the time
Great screen protector easily installed and looks good too but I have problems with my fingerprint scanner not all ways working even after re-registing it two times with the same thumb.
I was worried due to the price that I would mess this up due to the process it takes to put it on, honestly was very easy, just more steps than your use to with cheap flimsy screen protectors. This things is seamless, flawless, no air bubbles, no imperfections and absolutely no effect on the touch screen and or colors of the screen. BUY IT...I'm in love. Using perfectly with my Otter box symmetry
Whitestone dome Galaxy note 10 plus
My first time buying this product and using it.it was a good job getting two bottles of liquid otherwise I would of been stuck since I got it wrong the first time. Excellent product for anyone wishing to protect the screen of there phone.yes it's not cheap. It fits and looks alot better than the normal cheap tempered glass you can buy else where such as ebay or amazon etc. I would recommend anyone giving this product a try as you will not be disappointed.
The best Glass Screen Protector imo.
This is the best option as it adheres all over and not just the edges. The fingerprint scanner works fine too. Make sure the work surface is level so the pool of glue stays centralised. Watch the mobilefun installation video a few times before proceeding.

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